Agency Banking provides an alternative B2B and B2C channel to Financial Institutions, aiming to enhance financial inclusion by letting them make use of various business entities to carry out small banking services, such as withdrawals, deposits, bill payments, and micro-loan applications. With Agency Banking, Financial Institutions may reach a larger demographic, while providing convenient transactions and security for unbanked populations.

Local communities
Local Communities Digitization

Enable agents and local communities to embrace and use digital channels and smart devices, by helping to them to utilise technology for performing their everyday financial transactions and taking care of their financial wellbeing.

Agency banking channel convergence
Channel Convergence

By utilising an omnichannel architecture transactions initiated at agent touch points can be completed at the branch, mobile, or ATM, to make agency banking an integral part of customer journeys. Customers are no longer dependent on branch visits, and financial institutions are close to their customers even outside branch hours.

Agency banking rich and convenient services
Rich & Convenient Services & Transactions

Agency Banking offers customer onboarding, cash withdrawals and deposits, top-up transactions, bill payments, balance inquiries, account statements, loan account opening, and more. With Agency Banking Financial Institutions may enrich the agent portfolio with value-added services, expanding their current service offerings to a broader customer base.

Agency banking strategy optimization
Strategy Optimisation

Strategy optimisation is achieved by saving money on branch infrastructure, as well as customer base and market share expansion. Products and services can be available to new markets at a low cost by offering services through local businesses that customers trust.

Agency banking help local economies grow
Help Local Economies Grow

Agency Banking plays a key role in boosting financial inclusion. With Agency Banking financial services can be offered to individuals and small businesses as a critical required factor for boosting the ability of local economies to grow. Local agents can be helped to sell specialised products and services on behalf of financial institutions to boost their market share.

Agency banking manage operational expenses
Manage Operational Expenses

Management of operational costs is secured by extending banking and financial services to a network that is convenient for reaching out, operates beyond standard banking hours, and can approach customers at any time and more easily than financial institutions.

Agency banking customer loyalty
Drive Customer Loyalty

Agency Banking offers a state-of-the-art service, driving customer loyalty and maintaining the profitability of financial institutions. Agency Banking makes it easy for customers to be found anywhere and to keep them satisfied, as well as making them highly likely to become informal brand ambassadors and recommend agencies (as brand ambassadors of financial institutions) to other potential customers.

Agency banking customer agent security
Improve Customer & Agent Security

Help agents to drive more footfall through their shops and provide financial products and services through a structured and secured channel for both sides.

security assurance FINAL
Security Assurance

Our Software applications are designed with security by design, under a robust framework of security principles, ensuring their Secure Software Lifestyle (SSDLC).

Agency banking help local economies grow
Agency Banking