e-Branch is a digital front office offering financial institutions a modern user experience that allows for the expansion of your business. It is based on state-of-the-art architecture with seamlessly integrated modules per business area.

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Customer Centric

With e-Branch suite financial institutions can provide a customer centric and product-oriented service, revealing a full range of financial services that  meet the vision of the organisation and provide advanced services to current or prospective branch clients.

Frictinless user experience
Frictionless User Experience

e-Branch is a rich platform that provides seamless user experience, as well as offering necessary access to banking services according to the user’s profile and personalisation. Users can easily utilise a variety of tools to streamline their intraday workload, while having clear visibility of all information needed.

eBranch personalization

e-Branch utilises modern technology to drive new possibilities in product visualisation and personalisation. Its multiple services offer a complete 360o view of financial institutions’ customer that enables financial institutions  to drive personalised customer engagement, while offering a range of products for cross selling.

e Branch omnichannel

e-Branch environment is fully integrated with PROFITS® Omnichannel, which allows a range of capabilities, including registration and onboarding, documents and certifications management, security and authorisations, biometrics integration, financial dashboards, accounts management, journaling of financial services, messages and alerts, cash management and integration with third party services.

e Branch automated
Immediate & Automated

With e-Branch you can increase the speed for your branch front-desk and back-office operations through faster actions, turning your investment into an automated activity. Utilise better data structure and visualisation, as well as its smart integration of features and components, to take faster decisions and achieve the ROI you need.

A Simplified Solution

With e-Branch financial institutions  can bypass complex processes in retail and corporate banking, taking procedures such as product origination, consolidation of financial information, and complex customer requests to the next level of simplification. Opportunities for integration with new technologies and new customer service concepts are open, making it easier for organisations  to better engage with new customers, as well as to attract and retain them.

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Security Assurance

Our Software applications are designed with security by design, under a robust framework of security principles, ensuring their Secure Software Lifestyle (SSDLC).