Netcompany-Intrasoft’s DX4B (Digital Experience for Banking) is a standardized, modern, and future proof, cloud-based banking and finance solution, utilizing a revolutionary banking technology framework that standardizes and simplifies the overall banking architecture.

With DX4B, Netcompany-Intrasoft’s central objective is to support the banking business, by providing a solution that operates with high performance and security, under a worldwide accepted technology standard, as well as to help financial institutions to lower the IT and operational costs, and mitigate the risks associated with technology innovation.

api framework
Standardized Interfaces & APIs

DX4B operates under a standardized API framework that ensures the utilization of vast developer experience, saves time and money in implementation, and improves sustainability of the API strategy.

api economy
API Economy

DX4B promotes the API economy. APIs make it easier to integrate and connect people, places, systems, data, create new user experiences, share data and information, authenticate people and things, enable transactions, leverage third-party solutions, and create new product/services and business models.

Microservices & Open Architecture

DX4B provides a highly maintainable, testable, loosely coupled collection of services that are independently deployable and organized, while its open, BIAN-standardized architecture makes it easier to add, change and replace new components, as well as ensures elastic scalability.

cloud native
Cloud Native / Cloud Agnostic

With its reusable components (microservices) packaged in containers, DX4B is designed to integrate into any cloud environment. Speed, safety, and scalability are guaranteed, together with quick delivery of advancements and applications in zero downtime.

Componentized Functionality

Each DX4B component takes care of one specific business process (e.g., deposits, loans), end-to-end, and is designed to be integrated with other internal components, or external systems and applications. Containerization ensures fast and easy portability between different platforms and higher speed in the delivery of enhancements.

Digital Touchpoints

DX4B comes with user interfaces provided in both mobile and web digital channels, offering a full-blown digital framework, that is tailor made in accordance with customer individual needs, following the last trends in UI/UX principles and providing frictionless user journeys and transactional experiences.

digital ecosystem
Ecosystems & Marketplaces

Netcompany-Intrasoft ensures that you can take advantage of third-party solutions, that are available through the financial ecosystems and marketplaces hosted by top-class technology vendors. As technologies and products emerge, there must be the potential for everyone to compose new products and services. DX4B can integrate with efficient, robust and comprehensive solutions from top-class technology vendors, building resilience and satisfying challenging needs.

Take the Benefit

Take the benefit from the advanced technological framework, the rich functionality, and the exceptional user experience DX4B provides. The main pillars that DX4B take advantage of, Modularity, Cloudification & Simplicity, allow financial institutions of any type and size to be flexible, with IT operations burden alleviated, and to achieve seamless integration with internal and external solutions via the DX4B’s standardized architecture and service.

security assurance FINAL
Security Assurance

Our Software applications are designed with security by design, under a robust framework of security principles, ensuring their Secure Software Lifestyle (SSDLC).