Netcompany-Intrasoft's Mobile Banking is a versatile mobile banking solution that provides customers with the convenience of an on-demand service on the move together with the benefit of the latest customer experience technology. Netcompany-Intrasoft's Mobile Banking is available for Android OS and iOS devices, as well as a web responsive application. It utilizes Omnichannel layer, which is fully integrated with Core Banking, and can be smoothly integrated with any 3rd party Core Banking platform.

Mprofits retail corporate
Retail & Corporate

Netcompany-Intrasoft's Mobile Banking offers rich functionality to retail customers for greater ease and speed in their transactions, whenever they want, wherever they are, and advanced product features for your corporate customers to take advantage of whatever business banking for personal companies, SMEs, or large corporate entities have to offer, in a fast and secure manner.

Mprofits customer onboarding
Customer Onboarding

Netcompany-Intrasoft's Mobile Banking is integrated with a frictionless digital onboarding process, utilizing digital signatures and document storage features. Taking advantage of a robust, simplified, and secure processes to get onboard new customers fast and efficiently, as well as providing advanced digital experience, are critical differentiators in current and increasingly competitive markets.

mprofits security
Secure Mobile Account Opening

Digital Account Opening with Netcompany-Intrasoft's Mobile Banking allows banks to cost-effectively capture potential new customers, with instant online account origination. Customers can open and fund new accounts in a matter of minutes, in a fast and secure manner, while being monitored by advanced fraud detection and prevention systems.

mProfits mobile lending
Mobile Lending

With Netcompany-Intrasoft's Mobile Banking micro-lending programmes can be optimized for mobile devices, in a fast, easy, and secure manner. Customers can get a loan whenever and wherever they need it through a time-saving and fast-paced borrowing channel. Be prepared for micro-loans origination, loan disbursements, repayments, and deposits, through frictionless and modular digital experiences, by Mobile Banking.

Awesome digital experiences
Awesome Digital Experiences

With Netcompany-Intrasoft's Mobile Banking banks can take advantage of their special core banking capabilities to provide their users with valuable digital experiences through native, hybrid, or web responsive mobile applications. This allows banks to get the most out of their existing infrastructure, ensuring high performance and scalability, enabling seamless integration, and providing frictionless customer journeys.

mProfits mbanking
Open Banking

Ensure customers engagement by letting them compile information from accounts of other financial institutions into a single place, giving them a complete picture of their total financial assets across institutions and make it easier for them to set financial goals, take decisions and plan for the future.

mProfits mobile channel
Omnichannel Messaging

Utilize an omnichannel messaging approach to inform your customers about financial information, security issues, financial and transactional status through personalized alerts and messages delivered through a variety of channels, including email, SMS, and push notifications.

mProfits special characteristics
Special Characteristics

Take advantage of Netcompany-Intrasoft's Mobile Banking special characteristics, its modular logic, its expendable functionality, and its mobile enabled features. Netcompany-Intrasoft's Mobile Banking is available as a native, hybrid application for Android OS and iOS, as well as a web responsive mobile application, offering unique digital experiences.

security assurance FINAL
Security Assurance

Our Software applications are designed with security by design, under a robust framework of security principles, ensuring their Secure Software Lifestyle (SSDLC).

core banking
Netcompany-Intrasoft's Mobile Banking