On Monday, September 27 we attended the 10th anniversary ceremony of the IMPACT BITE (Business IT Excellence) Awards 2021, an annual event organized by Boussias Communications and the most important one in terms of rewarding technological innovation in Greece. This year we had the honor of being awarded with 8 awards for our groundbreaking projects across Europe. Among these, we won a Gold Award for our innovative Wallee Fintech application.

Wallee application is developed with the use of the Blockchain technology, and it applies to close groups of employees. The application supports an interactive communication between the employees and serves their daily transactions needs.

During its pilot phase, Wallee application supports the services mentioned below:

a) Money deposit and withdrawal

b) Money transfer between employees

c) Payments to a certified merchant (e.g., the company’s restaurant). What makes this application unique is that no card is required for such transactions

d) Participation in a collective group activity. More specifically, every employee is able to create a “group e-wallet” and invite colleagues to participate in it. The employee who creates the group is in charge of adding members and is called a Group Owner. The users who accept the invitation simultaneously become members of this group and have the authority to deposit money to the group’s shared wallet. By joining the group, the members provide their unanimous consent that the Group Owner can manage the group's money, spending it in total or portions (e.g., recurrent events, special occasion, good cause etc.) – always, of course, respecting the purpose for which the group was created in the first place.

Through Wallee application, we aim at creating a product that supports and strengthens the value ​​of mutual trust between team members, ensures privacy and transparency in collective transactions, enables social initiatives, and fosters the development of a corporate culture.