Netcompany-Intrasoft (previously known as INTRASOFT International), the global ICT company, announces the implementation of a new functionality in PROFITS® Core Banking Platform, as part of the measures taken to support Financial Institutions from the implications of Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

This functionality, which is already available to Netcompany-Intrasoft’s Bank partners, including Pancretan Cooperative Bank, was implemented to align the Financial Institutions regulatory framework with the latest greek Government regulatory requirements, and is related to:

  • A new feature in the Securities System of PROFITS®, for the harmonization with the Legislative Content Act of June 30, 2020, regarding the protection of cheques issued by companies and the deadlines suspension for their expiration and payment by 75 days.
  • The activation of a special feature in the Loans Subsystem of PROFITS®, regarding the support of the option for a 3-month payments suspension of installments for borrowers with up-to-date Consumer and Mortgage loans. The number of installments for which payments are suspended is divided equally among the remaining installments of a loan, without change in its duration or its interest rate.

PROFITS® Core Banking Platform, a top choice for a significant number of Financial Institutions at national and global level, has been designed based on the highest security standards and in accordance with international quality standards and has embraced an architecture that ensures flexibility and scalability.

PROFITS® ensures operational stability and great growth opportunities for Financial Institutions, through its special adaptable features, while offering special capabilities for the harmonization with continuous changing regulatory and operational requirements, posed by financial modern markets.

Netcompany-Intrasoft is constantly evolving its Financial Solutions, enabling its partners to diversify competitively and respond directly to the requirements of the modern market. From the first days of Covid-19 pandemic, uninterrupted provision of its services to its partners has been Netcompany-Intrasoft’s top priority.