Netcompany-Intrasoft, the leading IT company, adds PROFITS® for Credit Servicers to its products and services portfolio, enriching the existing offering of integrated Core Banking products available on Cloud SaaS and on premise. With PROFITS® for Credit Servicers, Credit Servicers can achieve top performance, and resilience, through frictionless management of both Performing and Non-Performing Loans (NPLs).

PROFITS® for Credit Servicers provides a robust Migration Framework for Loan Portfolios, being capable to upload multiple loan portfolios and enable internal components to access them, offering significantly faster performance and more cost-effective scaling, while enabling expected data management features and providing advanced analytics capabilities. The solution has also the capability of segregating loan portfolios, providing specific user access, monitoring, and reporting per portfolio, as well as the ability to merge or split loan portfolios, and move loans from one portfolio to another.

Being a solution of choice of major Credit Servicers in Europe, PROFITS® for Credit Servicers facilitates maximum value recovery of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) and eliminates complexity and cost of the technology investment, providing a complete set of functions, such as:

● Products Management (Products Factory)
● Customers Management
● Loans Management
● Deposits Management
● Collaterals Management
● Agreements / Limits
● Collections Payments (Incoming Payment Files)
● Customer Treatment & Affordability
● Regulatory Reporting
● General Ledger
● Data warehousing & BI Reporting
● Budgeting
● Cost Allocation
● Messaging & Alerting