Wallee Application; Electronic Transactions made easier!

Wallee Platform, the new Fintech Application, has been designed to make electronic transactions easier, safer and strengthen collective social interactions. Designed and created with an emphasis on ease of use, adaptability to modern behaviors and needs, transparency and security of personal data, the app will turn the tide on daily electronic transactions! 

The innovative application serves electronic transactions within an internal corporate environment, such as transactions between colleagues, payments to merchants inside the corporate environment, as well as creation and management of group e-wallets to support collective activities. 

The platform uses the most advanced methods and technologies. Users' transactions are recorded on a decentralized platform using Blockchain technology. The aim of the platform is to manage the transactions between the employees of a business, in a safe manner, maintaining the transactions’ privacy and confidentiality, as well as the ease of use through a user-friendly design, offering a state-of-the-art user experience. 

The platform supports the following services between users: 

1. Deposit and withdrawal of money from an employee 
2. Transfer of money from an employee to an employee 
3.  Payment by an employee to a merchant without the use of a card 
4.  Participation and contribution to collective activities. Each employee is able to create a group e-wallet and invite colleagues to participate. Each employee who accepts the invitation becomes a group member and can transfer money to the group. An example of collective payment is raising money among colleagues for a wedding gift or participate in a charity group. The purpose of the group e-wallet service is to facilitate and automate in a transparent way the process of collecting money between participants through wallee mobile app.