WiSE – The Future in Data Driven Decisioning

Big Data and the insights deriving from it are changing the way we use information, the strategy through which we resolve problems and have revamped the entire decision-making process. Smart decisioning not only leads to desired outcomes but also draws innovation. Utilizing efficiently Big Data and the opportunities arising from it is the future and, at Netcompany-Intrasoft, we rose to the occasion, introducing a new innovative product, WiSE. 

WiSE is our latest innovative, future looking, integrated product, designed to lead the decision-making process of business unit users, going beyond the usual fields that usual Data Analytics solutions explore.

Through WiSE, Financial Institutions of any type and size, Credit Servicers, Insurance Companies, challengers like Digital Banks and Digital Lenders, can effectively use the technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Big Data and Advanced Analytics. The solution effectively aims at Credit Risk Management, Marketing Forecasting, Business Modelling, as well as on Customer Treatment and Affordability Forecasting. It utilizes the latest technologies in the field of DataOps and specializes in the development of solutions based on Data Analytics (Predictive & Prescriptive), using the latest technologies in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL). 

It is noteworthy that, through WiSE, we can offer a pre-packaged Artificial Intelligence product, with specially designed algorithmic models, or componentized modules that can fit explicitly specific customer needs, or a wide range of standardized APIs, available through a frictionless API distribution framework, letting potential customers to select and integrate specific services for specific reasons.