API ecosystems grant access to a wide variety of resources and allow for cross-platform communication, embracing simplicity, efficiency, and customisation. Exposing APIs, as well as consuming APIs substantially reduces labour requirements for IT departments, since they enhance workflow optimisation and system and process automation. API ecosystems guarantee digital modernisation, such as promoting a mobile-everywhere philosophy, creating new partnerships and onboarding opportunities, increasing and maintaining competitive technological advantage, and making businesses future-proof by focusing on continuous innovation.

INTRASOFT International offers a robust API middleware tool to process data through multiple sources, enabling connectivity bridges between requestors and back end systems, handling any format and mapping requirements between differing formats and protocols. The tool also orchestrates back-end components for delivering the appropriate business service, while satisfying systems management, security, analytic and audit requirements for proper governance.

Profits omnichannel

PROFITS® Omnichannel offers through a single platform banking services to multiple channels, such as mobile banking, web banking, agency banking and enhanced functionalities for branches. Features offered include parametrically customisable APIs and middleware support for common platforms, allowing for the orchestration of complex banking processes and transactions, like customer onboarding and loan origination, to be executed with minimal datasets. The resulting APIs can be customised to meet specific customer needs.

Expose & Consume APIs Efficiently
Expose & Consume APIs Efficiently

PROFITS® Omnichannel has the capability to automatically expose and consume APIs in the form of SOAP/WCF/REST services, providing rapid integration with the Omnichannel pipeline. Its design is core banking independent, allowing it to cooperate with multiple vendor systems, providing seamless integration.

Special capabilities
Special Capabilities

PROFITS® Omnichannel capabilities allow for a common service business logic across all channels, personalisation and individualisation of services, channel plugins and backend integration along with a shared infrastructure for security, journal services, administration, printing and document services, multi-language management and full logging/auditing capabilities.

Delivery, Management & Integration
Delivery, Management & Integration

INTRASOFT International has vast experience in APIs delivery and management, ensuring that well-designed, expertly coded APIs are delivered through agile development. INTRASOFT’s developers possess wide experience in Banking and Finance and a detailed understanding of the framework of third-party systems, enabling them to guide the integration of external API into an organisation’s system.

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