Flexible deployment options allow alignment with evolving, competitive business strategies, and the customers’ needs for having innovative products and efficient services in place. Software deployment can happen within hours so there is no need to maintain specially trained teams for applying complex processes. INTRASOFT International ensures that you can take advantage of different installation options for rapid deployments.

Profits on cloud

With PROFITS® on Microsoft Azure investing in costly infrastructure can be avoided, making your IT funds available for other investments. By taking a centralised approach to cloud development, new insights can be generated and make the processes smoother for organisations and their customers. Ensure a continuous deployment life cycle by building it in the morning and making it available in production in the afternoon.

Profits SAAS

Using INTRASOFT’s SaaS deployment model will avoid upfront investment for system licenses, implementation services, IT infrastructure, and maintenance costs. Benefits will also be gained from PROFITS® advanced functionality, features and characteristics, with minimal cost from IT resources for infrastructure and application maintenance and support.

Deployment OnPrem, Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud, SaaS

INTRASOFT offers PROFITS® Core Banking on-premise or hosted, delivering it as a stand-alone, complete modern solution, or componentised, as plug-ins to existing legacy technology. INTRASOFT’s solutions are scalable across volume and functional needs, and the robust, open architecture allows rapid integration with third party applications, such as transactions switching platforms, card management systems, fraud detection and prevention systems, AML, and more, giving complete visibility and control of organisations’ workflows and processes.

Platform architecture
Platform & Architecture Independent

INTRASOFT’s PROFITS® Core Banking allows platform and architecture independence as it can be deployed across a variety of technological platforms, including Mainframe, any flavor of Unix, Linux and Microsoft environments, and relational database systems like DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server.

Saas in the future
SaaS in the Future

The future of SaaS appears to be extremely promising and sales of SaaS solutions will continue to grow and embrace innovation. AI is expected to become a part of enterprise SaaS applications and ML will also play a vital role in autonomous, less human-reliant management as chatbots, IoT, and blockchain technologies are driving digital innovation in SaaS activities. INTRASOFT International will remain close at hand, continuously monitoring the evolutions of the SaaS landscape, and is always available for discussions and support to ensure a high profile and resilience.

Discover benefits with cloud
Discover the Benefits with Cloud

Ensure business continuity, utilise advanced functionality tailored to business needs, reduce time-to-market for new products and services, and centrally manage interfaces with third party systems, while maintaining compliance with regulations and policies. Take advantage of INTRASOFT’s flexible and reliable IT operations and maintain a significant overall cost reduction.